Sunday, February 20, 2005

New Uploads

I have added a few new uploads. One is a photo of my grand daughter Carla Maria. Too bad you can't clearly see how wonderful she is to me! Also, just got a gorgeous postcard from Konnie and thought others might want to see it at :
Then my latest comment on "Extreme Makeover" mania in America. What can I say, I'm not real subtle. jassy lupa

Sunday, February 06, 2005

jassy lupa: jassy lupa

Feb. 6th, 2005 I've added in some of the past week's postcards. Again, I wish I had some knowledge about what makes a good-clear upload and what makes it turn out blurry??? They do look better when you hold them in your hand. This batch just happened so quickly without even trying. What's that all about? I have so many mixed feelings about the state of the union. After paying into Social Security for 40 years it feels like a betrayal to hear that those over 55 will not be effected. I happen to be 53. And the things I heard about the tsunami, the debate about God's hand in earth events? I just don't know anymore. Of course, I have been an American all my life and have no experience with being under a dictatorship -- so it is a little hard for me to 'accept' the direction of the powers that be. I have never felt so powerless and hopeless about the world. And at the same time I have never been so happy in my personal life. What is that all about? Please write me if you have any comments. jassy lupa: jassy lupa